Week 26 第二十六週 – 27/9/20–3/10/20

Pray for the return of men to God’s original plan of creation and destiny.

Week 26 : 2020 Sep 27 – 2020 Oct 3
第二十六週:2020年 9月27日 – 2020年10月3日

禱告經文 Scriptures:
林前 1 Corinthians 16:13-14
你們務要警醒,在真道上站立得穩,要作大丈夫,要剛強。 凡你們所做的都要憑愛心而做。
Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love.

何寶生傳道 Pastor Andrew Ho
國度事奉中心總幹事 Kingdom Ministries, General Secretary


求神興起會禱告的男人:我願男人無忿怒,無爭論 (疑惑) 舉起聖潔的手,隨處禱告(提前2:8)

神創造男人的目的:生養眾多,遍滿全地,治理( Rule over 管治) 這地 (創1:28)結果女人被騙,聽了說謊之父的鬼話,男人也卻聽了女人的話,唯獨不聽神的話,撒旦本來無權無勢,卻藉「說謊欺騙」把神賦予男人的權柄奪走,使神的天國夢被粉碎。先前的男人亞當失敗了,末後的亞當基督卻得勝撒旦。所以,男人必需悔改,與女人聯合,一同與基督連缐對齊,奪回古蛇所 騙走的權柄,才能反敗為勝,天父的天國夢才能完全實現, 天國至終降臨,撒旦國完全崩潰。

成也男人,敗也男人。男人是最大的問題(problem),也是最大的答案(solution). 男人與神斷線,全世界都離線,男人與神連缐,全世界都在缐,男人肯悔改,女人脫苦海,男人肯禱告,撒旦無控告。


男人是頭, 男女、夫妻不是敵人,乃是絕配,我們沒有敵人,敵人祇有一個,對頭祇有一個,就是撒旦魔鬼!

天父是基督的頭,基督是各人的頭,男人是女人的頭 (林前11:3)這屬靈的次序不能逆轉,站對了就是祝福,站錯了就是咒詛,神國神家的成敗乃在於此 (太11:25)


1)求天父開男人的眼睛, 使男人重新看見自己在神創造中的身份、角色、 任務與責任之重要.

2)求天父賜男人不單看見責任, 更能勇敢承擔責任,在家庭、社會及教會中作大丈夫.

3)求天父除掉男人的石心, 换上肉心, 除掉愛世界的心, 换上愛天父的心, 重新回歸天父的計劃與目的.

4)求天父賜男人 大切大悟,憂傷痛悔的心, 並學會謙卑倚靠主, 奮力起來與撒旦爭戰, 掙脱制服一切罪的捆綁, 重護獲自由, 並成為天國的戰士,除滅魔的作為.

5)求天父恢男人原來按神形象被創造的樣式, 成為好男人, 好丈夫, 好父親, 敬虔愛主, 成為榜樣, 作屬靈的頭, 保家衛國, 並帶領一家全心來敬拜服事主.

6)求天父在教會中興起更多男人起來承擔責任, 愛父的心大於愛世界的心, 渴慕真道過於金融科技資訊, 生命扎根順服於神的話語過於世界的名利權位,

7)求天父興起合神心意, 並有天國觀的男人, 在家庭、教會、社會、國家中, 作首不作尾, 居上不居下, 將天國文化及價值觀, 深化在人生活每個層面當中.

Pray for the return of men to God’s original plan of creation and destiny.

Ask God to raise up men who pray: I want men to lift up holy hands without anger, without argument or doubt, and pray everywhere. ( 1 Timothy 2 : 8 )

God created men: [To] be fruitful and increase in number, fill the earth and subdue it. ( Genesis 1 : 28 )

The woman was deceived, and listened to the words of the father of lies. The man listened to the words of the woman, and did not listen to God’s word. Satan, who had no power, but through lies and deceit, took away the power and authority which God gave to the man and shattered God’s dream of creating a heavenly kingdom on Earth.

The first man, Adam failed, but the last Adam, Christ, triumphed over Satan. Therefore, men must repent, unite with women and align themselves with Christ. Turn defeat into victory and reclaim the power and authority from the ancient serpent who took it away by deception, so that the Heavenly Father’s dream for the kingdom of heaven will be fulfilled and the kingdom of Satan will be completely destroyed.

Men succeed. Men also fail. Men are the biggest problem but they are also the best solution.

When Men and God are disconnected, the whole world is ‘offline’. When Men and God are connected, the whole world will be ‘online’! When Men repent, women will break away from bitterness. When Men are willing to pray, Satan cannot make accusations.

Not only should men raise up their hands to pray, but the more should women kneel down and pray earnestly for men. Instead of making complaints to men, it’s better for women to pray to God. When women have fewer complaints and more prayers, surely Satan has no way to come in and interfere.

Man is the head. Man and woman, husband and wife, are not enemies but the perfect match. There’s only one enemy – Satan, the devil!

The Heavenly Father is the head of Christ, Christ is the head of every man, and the head of a woman is her husband. ( 1 Corinthians 11 : 3 ) This spiritual order cannot be reversed. If the above is followed, only blessings will come and curses will plague those who do otherwise. The success and failure of God’s family and kingdom are relying and dependent on this. ( Matthew 11 : 25 )

Eagerly pray for men:

1) Pray and ask the Heavenly Father to open the eyes of men so that they have brand new perspectives on their identity, roles, missions and responsibilities in God’s creation.

2) Pray that the Heavenly Father grant men not only knowledge of their responsibilities but also the ability to take responsibility courageously and be men in their family, society and church.

3) May the Heavenly Father remove the hardened heart of a man and replace it with a heart of flesh; remove the heart that loves the world and supplant it with a heart of love for the Heavenly Father and His plan and purpose.

4) Ask the Heavenly Father to give men great wisdom and a repentant heart; pray that men learn to be humble and trust the Lord. Fight against Satan, break free from the bondage of sin, defend freedom and be a warrior of the heavenly kingdom to destroy the works of the evil one.

5) Pray and ask Heavenly Father to restore man’s original creation in the image of God, that all men be good men, good husbands and good fathers. Bless the men of the world with godliness and sincere love for the Lord. Be role models, oh gentleman, spiritual leaders who defend the country, and lead whole families to worship and serve the Lord devotedly.

6) Pray that the Heavenly Father raise up more men in the church to take up responsibilities and love the Lord more than the world. Pray that they have the thirst for the Truth much more fervently than knowledge in financial science and technology. Life should be rooted in obedience to the Word of God than in the power of fame and fortune in the world. Rise up, good gentlemen! Build a strong and spiritually influential church for the Kingdom of God.

7) Pray and ask the Heavenly Father to raise up men with God’s mentality and with kingdom values and perspectives – in the family, the church, society and country. Lord, make all men the head – not the tail; to be above – not beneath. Deepen the culture and values of the kingdom of heaven in every aspect of human life.

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