WEEK 29 第二十九週 – 18/10/20–24/10/20

祝福中國有突飛猛進的躍升和戲劇性的增長 (一)

Week 29 : 2020 Oct 18 – 2020 Oct 24
第二十九週:2020年 10月18日 – 2020年10月24日

Pst John Eckhardt

Gratefully to be used with permission by Kingdom Harvest Ministries- https://www.kinghm.org

禱告經文 Scriptures :
詩篇Psalm 18 : 27 ‭-‬30
“For you save a humble people, but the haughty eyes you bring down.  For it is you who light my lamp; the Lord my God lightens my darkness.  For by you I can run against a troop, and by my God I can leap over a wall.  This God—his way is perfect; the word of the Lord  proves true; he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him.” (ESV)

「困苦的百姓,你必拯救; 高傲的眼目,你必使他降卑。  你必點着我的燈; 耶和華-我的神必照明我的黑暗。  我藉着你衝入敵軍, 藉着我的神跳過牆垣。  至於神,他的道是完全的; 耶和華的話是煉淨的。 凡投靠他的,他便作他們的盾牌。」

Scriptures 經文錄自:
Deuteronomy 申33:22,Psalms 詩18:29,Isaiah 賽35:6,Luke路1:41; 6:23, Acts徒3:8;14:10.

We believe this is China’s appointed time to leap forward, in the name of Jesus. It is her time to leap. This is a new season of leaping for her.
奉主耶穌聖名,我們祝福中國,相信這是神所命定使中國向前邁進的時間。 中國躍升和突破的時候到了, 現今正是中國起飛跳躍的新季節。

For the sake of God’s kingdom, we declare China leaps past all distractions, in the name of Jesus. China leap past any people the enemy has set in her way to impede her progress. Let China’s steps turn into leaps. China leaps over every wall erected by the enemy.
為著神國的拓展,我們宣告中國可以跳過所有分擾、越過任何敵人的阻撓,大步向前邁進。 靠主耶穌聖名和祂的寶血,中國能有飛躍的步伐,得以越過敵人架起任何的牆垣。

In the name of Jesus, China leaps ahead of anyone or anything that has illegally jumped ahead of this nation. We bless China able to leap like a lion from Bashan like Dan. China will leap over all her enemies like David.
我們奉主耶穌聖名,祝福中國要飛躍超越那些以非法手段得以跨越中國的人和事,中國要走在敵對者面前常常反超前他們,並節節領先。 願中國跳躍如獅子,從巴珊而出的但一樣跨勝(申33:22)。 願中國像大衛一樣,時刻越過敵人的攻擊。

By the grace and favour of God, the people of China receives strength and excellent health to leap out of all sickness and disease. China will leap into her destiny and purpose, in the name of Jesus. With excitement China leaps into her future. China will continue to leap from lack to abundance. China will leap from failure to success.
靠主耶穌的恩典,中國人得著力量和極好的健康,擺脫所有病困和殘疾。靠主耶穌聖名,中國必能進入神所赋予的命定和目的。 中國人必歡喜雀躍地,跳進神國所定的未來,且必持續跳出貧窮,進入富足;又從失敗中突圍而出,躍升至成功。

Let every area of China and people’s life that is lame leap for joy. May China take a leap of faith and do the impossible.

Let China’s finances grow by leaps and bounds. Let China’s finances leap to a level others have not seen before. Let wealth and prosperity leap upon the life of the Chinese, in the name of Jesus.

Let the Chinese’s wisdom increase by leaps and bounds. Let their understanding increase by leaps and bounds. Let their vision increase by leaps and bounds. Let their favor increase on their life by leaps and bounds. Let their ministry grow by leaps and bounds. Let their borders expand by leaps and bounds. Let them leap and jump to the high places.
天父啊,求祢使中國人的智慧突飛猛進,有卓越的知識和聰明,我們的視野突飛猛進,讓恩寵在我們的生活中也突飛猛進。 又讓我們對祢的事奉突飛猛進,疆界擴展突飛猛進,向著更高之處,不斷攀升。

In the name of Jesus, let China catch up in any place that have fallen behind. Let restoration come from anything stolen by the enemy from this nation and people’s life. Let China increase in revelation by leaps and bounds.

In Jesus’ name we pray.

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