WEEK 30 第三十週 – 25/10/20–31/10/20


祝福中國有突飛猛進的躍升和戲劇性的增長 (二)

Week 30 : 2020 Oct 25 – 2020 Oct 31
第三十週:2020年 10月25日 – 2020年10月31日

Pst John Eckhardt

Gratefully to be used with permission by Kingdom Harvest Ministries- https://www.kinghm.org

禱告經文 Scriptures :
詩篇Psalm 18 : 27 ‭-‬30
“For you save a humble people, but the haughty eyes you bring down.  For it is you who light my lamp; the Lord my God lightens my darkness.  For by you I can run against a troop, and by my God I can leap over a wall.  This God—his way is perfect; the word of the Lord  proves true; he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him.” (ESV)

「困苦的百姓,你必拯救; 高傲的眼目,你必使他降卑。  你必點着我的燈; 耶和華-我的神必照明我的黑暗。  我藉着你衝入敵軍, 藉着我的神跳過牆垣。  至於神,他的道是完全的; 耶和華的話是煉淨的。 凡投靠他的,他便作他們的盾牌。」

Scriptures 經文錄自:
Deuteronomy 申33:22,Psalms 詩18:29,Isaiah 賽35:6,Luke 路1:41; 6:23, Acts 徒3:8;14:10

We believe this is China’s appointed time to leap forward, in the name of Jesus. It is her time to leap. This is a new season of leaping for her.
奉主耶穌聖名,我們祝福中國,相信這是神所命定使中國向前邁進的時間。 中國躍升和突破的時候到了, 現今正是中國起飛跳躍的新季節。

For the expansion of God’s kingdom,  we proclaim that China will not be afraid to take a leap of faith at the word of the Lord.

By the grace and favour of the Lord, China will leap upon the enemy and overwhelm him, in the name of Jesus. China will leap and rejoice at the goodness of the Lord. The Lord has given China leaping for sadness and joy for mourning. China leaps from a low place to a high place.
靠主耶穌恩典和從父神而來的恩惠,中國定必跨越那些敵對她們的勢力,帶來壓倒性的躍升和增長,超前他們。中國且必因耶和華的良善和恩惠而歡欣鼓舞。 主必使中國的悲傷變成歡欣,使嘆息化為喜樂和跳躍,因主必從低處抬舉中國,得以躍升。

Let extra favor and blessing be added to the life of people in China, in the name of Jesus. Let this year be a year of uncommon favor and blessing in their life. Let China receive uncommon miracles and breakthroughs, in the name of Jesus. Let her people leap as hearts for joy.
靠主耶穌聖名宣告,主必持續加增祝福中國,其中人民的生活也必經歷祂恩典满滿的福樂。 願中國今年經歷恩典滿載、領受不一樣恩寵的一年,又讓中國持續經歷非比尋常的突破和神蹟。中國人民的心必因神歡喜跳躍,喜樂滿懷。

May China leap into new places naturally and spiritually. May China leap into new heights and levels.

We proclaim that China will leap above problems and setbacks, in the name of Jesus. China will leap over all the traps and snares of the wicked one.

In the name of Jesus, China will break all chains and weights from her feet that would prevent her from leaping. China will lay aside every weight and burden that would prevent her from leaping. She will lay aside all doubt and unbelief that would keep her from leaping.

China will leap from her past into her future according to her glorious kingdom destiny and no longer be afraid to leap forward with boldness and confidence.

China will leap for our God is with us.  God encourages her and causes her to leap forward.

Let Hong Kong also be blessed and we will altogether leap and bound with great kingdom advance . Let our timing and purpose be realigned this year, in the name of Jesus. The way is opened for us, and we will leap into it altogether.
願香港也同蒙祝福, 與中國一起大步向前, 在神國裏齊步邁進。 願我們抓緊當今之時機, 重新對齊於神的美好計劃, 並肩攜手,走向神為我們開通的道路。

In the name of Jesus, we bless the believers of Hong Kong and China will be joining with each other who are leaping forward. Let the churches in Hong Kong and China leap forward together. Let our praise and worship leap to another level. Let my prayer life leap forward. Let our preaching and teaching leap to another level. I will leap forward in my giving.
我們將與其他正在飛躍前進的信徒聯合。 願中港的教會一同向前邁進。 讓我們的敬拜讚美和禱告大大飛躍提升,進步至另一個層次,使我們的講道和真理教導也同步躍升。在金錢奉獻和捐輸中也大有進步。

Let China’s creativity leap to another level.

Let China’s faith take a quantum leap.

Let China’s love take a quantum leap.

Let China’s family leap forward into destiny.

Let China’s prophetic level take a quantum leap.

Let deliverance and healing take a quantum leap in Hong Kong and China, in the name of Jesus.

The christian in China will leap through fasting and prayer.

Let the blessings of the Lord overtake China and leap upon her, in the name of Jesus.

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