WEEK 44 第四十四週 –31/1/21 – 6/2/21

Prayer for the development of Social Media in China.

Week 44 : 2021 Jan 31 – 2021 Feb 06
第四十四週:2021年1月31日 – 2021年2月06日


禱告經文 Scriptures :
詩篇 Psalm 67:1‭-‬2
願神憐憫我們,賜福與我們, 用臉光照我們,好叫世界得知你的道路, 萬國得知你的救恩。
May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face to shine upon us, that your way may be known on earth, your saving power among all nations. (ESV)



藉著社交媒體的發展,願中國人民都傳說祢可畏之事的能力;他們也要傳揚祢的大德。中國人要記念祢的大恩,就要傳出來,並要歌唱祢的公義。 (詩篇 145:6-7)

求主祢多多興起屬神的社交網絡工作者,尤其年輕一代,願他們帶著神國使命和異象、並善良智慧和謀略的心,在無邊無際的社交平台上,作光作鹽。求主幫助和堅固他們,差遣他們,使他們靈巧像蛇,純良像鴿子,使他們充滿帶動力和感染力地,懂得如何在社交媒體上發揮才華,致力參與在這末後收割莊稼的偉大工程中。又求主使他們互相連結、彼此守望、不會孤軍作戰,乃是互相覆蓋,穩步前進,不斷拓展。又願他們住在主神祢至高者的隱密處,被祢全能者的蔭庇所遮蓋,不會暴露於敵人面前,大大使用中國的社交媒體,時刻傳揚祢的真理和祢的大能,時刻啟發中國十四億人民歸向祢,使他們知道惟獨祢是神。這代要對那代頌讚你的作為,也要傳揚你的大能。中國人要默念你威嚴的尊榮和祢奇妙的作為。 (詩篇 145:4-5)


天父呀,願中國人民都尊崇祢, 永永遠遠讚美祢的名。願祢大大祝福使用中國的社交媒體,使世人知道耶和華祢有恩惠,有憐憫, 不輕易發怒,大有慈愛。  耶和華祢善待萬民; 祢的慈悲覆庇祢一切所造的。耶和華啊,袮一切所造的都要稱謝祢; 祢的聖民也要稱頌祢,  傳說祢國的榮耀, 談論祢的大能,  好叫世人知道祢大能的作為, 並祢國度威嚴的榮耀。  祢的國是永遠的國!祢執掌的權柄存到萬代!  (詩篇 145:8-13)

父神啊,願袮祝福中國的社交媒體,除去一切政治化和宗教的迷惑,願人在社交平台上遇見祢、聽到祢的聲音。凡跌倒的,願耶和華祢將他們扶持; 凡被壓下的,將他們扶起。  萬民都舉目仰望祢; 袮隨時給他們食物。  祢張手, 使有生氣的都隨願飽足。  耶和華在祢一切所行的,無不公義; 在祢一切所做的都有慈愛。  凡求告耶和華祢的,就是誠心求告祢的, 耶和華便與他們相近。  敬畏袮的,祢必成就他們的心願, 也必聽他們的呼求,拯救他們。  耶和華祢保護一切愛祢的人, 卻要滅絕一切的惡人。  中國人民的口要說出讚美耶和華的話; 惟願凡有血氣的都永永遠遠稱頌祢的聖名。 (詩篇 145:14-21)


Father God, we come to You with deep gratefulness for Your marvelous mighty flow of blessings come upon China in multi-dimensional ways. You are prospering China also in the rapid development of the social media to connect the hearts of her people, facilitate their mass communication especially in this difficult time of pandemic and rapid urbanization while many families are separated by their work.

Lord, may you greatly bless and equip the Chinese to be very creative and innovative in developing technologies. Give the Chinese a fear of You and a heart to love You, leading to the beginning of much wisdom and understanding of pursuing Your kingdom and the knowledge of You.

May the Chinese people speak of the power of Your awesome acts, And with gratitude and submissive wonder, they will tell of Your greatness.  They will overflow [like a fountain] when they speak of Your great and abundant goodness And will sing joyfully of Your righteousness. (Psalms 145:6‭-‬7 AMP)

May many experts in social media rise up especially among the younger generation,  with passion and vision for Your kingdom, to preach Your word and glorify Your name. May they be bold, courageous, with pure hearts to become salt and light on this boundless platform of social media. May they speak Your pure life-giving words with integrity, revelation and power, to bring much impact and inspire thousands and millions of people to seek Your kingdom and come into the salvation of You. May they be sent out by You like sheep among wolves; be wise as serpents, and innocent as doves, having no self-serving agenda. (Matthew 10:16 AMP), able to fully participate in the end time plentiful harvest. Lord, may you greatly strengthen and protect them, may they dwell in the shelter of You, the Most High so that they may remain secure and rest in the shadow of You, the Almighty. Your power no enemy can withstand. (Psalms 91:1 AMP). May they also be mutually connected in the spirit and never fight alone nor walk independently, but be united as one in the Body of Christ, even intergenerationally. Oh Lord, one generation shall praise Your works to another, And shall declare Your mighty and remarkable acts.  On the glorious splendor of Your majesty And on Your wonderful works, they will meditate.
(Psalms 145:4‭-‬5 AMP)

We pray for a mighty deliverance and powerful cleansing for social media. In the mighty name of Jesus, we rebuke the Devil and command it to flee from the media. Let all spirits of pornography,  violence, cruelty, superstitions, occult, false religions, false accusations against the Government and evil demonic messages be totally removed and forever deleted from the media. We speak against any kind of falsehood and political infiltration in the media. And in the name of Jesus, we shut all doors of wicked schemes trying to steal, kill and destroy the Chinese. We renounce any polluted infiltration of the Hollywood media and the western world. Lord, we ask for Your special grace for the Chinese to be very creative and innovative in doing new things for You in accordance with Your highest divine purpose and unique kingdom destiny for this Nation. Let China be ready to bless many other nations especially through her development of social media. Lord, let China be a prototype and a great resource to witness Your goodness and glory.

Oh Lord, You are gracious and full of compassion, Slow to anger and abounding in lovingkindness.  Let the Chinese said: “The Lord is good to all, And His tender mercies are over all His works [the entirety of things created].  All Your works shall give thanks to You and praise You, O Lord, And Your godly ones will bless You.  They shall speak of the glory of Your kingdom And talk of Your power,  To make known to the sons of men Your mighty acts And the glorious majesty of Your kingdom.  Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, And Your dominion endures throughout all generations.” (Psalms 145:8‭-‬13 AMP)

Lord, may You greatly bless the development of social media in China, keep it far from being political nor religious. Bless all media users come to know You, hear Your voice and come to have very special spiritual encounters with You. Lord, you are the one who upholds all those who fall And raises up all those who are bowed down.  The eyes of all look to You [in hopeful expectation], And You give them their food in due time.  You open Your hand And satisfy the desire of every living thing.  The Lord is [unwaveringly] righteous in all His ways And gracious and kind in all Your works.  Lord, You are near to all who call on You, To all who call on You in truth (without guile).  You will fulfill the desire of those who fear and worship You [with awe-inspired reverence and obedience]; You also will hear their cry and will save them.  Lord, You keep all who love You, But all the wicked You will destroy.  The mouth of all Chinese will speak the praise of You, Lord, And all flesh will bless and gratefully praise Your holy name forever and ever. (Psalms 145:14‭-‬21 AMP)

In the name of Yeshua, we pray.

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