WEEK 50 第五十週 14/3/21 – 20/3/21

Pray for left-behind children in China

Week 50 : 2021 Mar 14 – 2021 Mar 20
第五十週:2021年3月14日 – 2021年3月20日


禱告經文 Scriptures :
詩篇Psalm 68:5‭-‬6
神在他的聖所作孤兒的父, 作寡婦的伸冤者。 神叫孤獨的有家, 使被囚的出來享福; 惟有悖逆的住在乾燥之地。
Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in his holy habitation. God settles the solitary in a home; he leads out the prisoners to prosperity, but the rebellious dwell in a parched land.(ESV)

親愛的天父,我們讚美祢,祢是創造天地萬物的主!感謝祢,祢世世代代都作我們的居所,諸山未曾生出,地與世界祢未曾造成,從亙古到永遠,祢是神。天父啊!祢何等偉大又奇妙,但祢卻連花朵鳥兒也看顧,祢也俯就卑微的人,也保護寄居的,扶持孤兒和寡婦。(詩篇 146:9上) 天父啊,祢是何等的偉大;祢何等的信實;祢是何等的慈愛;祢是何等的公義;我們讚美祢!

Dear Heavenly Father, we praise Your holy name! You are the creator of the heavens and the earth! Thank You that before the mountains were brought forth, or ever you had formed the earth and the world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God.
From eternity to eternity, you are God. Father, how great and wonderful You are, but
You also care for the flowers and birds, and the Lord watches over the sojourners; You upholds the widow and the fatherless. (Psalm 146:9a) Father, how great You are; how faithful You are; how loving You are; how righteous You are; we praise You!


Father, before we pray for the left-behind children in China, we must come to you and confess our sins. In this prosperous city, we often forget to be grateful and often make complaints and speak negatively. It is easy for us to feel dissatisfied with our lives and lives, and thus complain about the people around us, even You, Lord. Heavenly Father, please forgive us, forgetting that we are a blessed group of people, because we are blessed to know You, and there is more than enough in many aspects of life.


Heavenly Father, we pray that we have a heart to love the 60 million left-behind children in China. As China’s economy took off, thousands of parents left their homes to work in urban areas, leaving many children in rural areas and millions of them became father-less. Father God, please allow us to see them with the eyes of you and pray for them.

願主耶穌的救恩和憐憫臨到他們,讓他們能夠透過媒體等不同途徑認識基督,因為主耶穌重價買贖他們每個人的生命。讓他們知道自己不是被撇棄的,雖然他們肉身的父母離棄他們,耶和華必收留中國的留守兒童。(詩篇27:10) 因為天上的父神深深愛他們,甚至將祢的獨身子賜了給中國大陸六千萬留守兒童。天父,求祢幫助他們,聽到福音的時候,能夠打開心靈接受基督。讓他們知道他們是被愛的一群,從而建立正面的自我形象,能夠以天父的眼光看自己。

Father God, we pray for the minds of left-behind children in China. May the salvation and mercy of the Lord Jesus come to them, so that they can know Christ through different channels such as the media, because the Lord Jesus bought and redeemed each of them with great price. God, please let them know that they are not forsaken. Although their biological father and mother have forsaken them, but the Lord will take me in. (Psalm 27:10) Because God the Father in heaven loves them so deeply that You even gave Your only son to these 60 million left-behind children in China. Father, please help them to open their hearts and accept Christ when they hear the gospel. Let them know that they are loved, and they will have a positive self-image and be able to see themselves through the eyes of Heavenly Father.

天父,我們也為著中國留守兒童的心靈禱告。求祢讓他們在長期無法與父母見面及溝通的情況下,不要難過和感到孤單的,讓他們感受到耶穌基督的愛,更能夠聆聽到主耶穌的聲音。因祢拯救哀求的困苦人和無人幫助的孤兒。(約伯記29:12) 求天父醫好傷心的孩子,裹好他們的傷處。(詩篇 147:3) 讓他們心裏常常有平安和喜樂,求天父除去他們一切的憂愁、抑鬱、自卑、沮喪。

Father God, we also pray for the hearts of left-behind children in China. Please let them not feel depressed and lonely when they are unable to meet and communicate with their parents for a long time. Let them feel the love of Jesus Christ and be able to hear the voice of the Lord Jesus because You delivered the poor who cried for help, and the fatherless who had none to help them. (Job 29:12) Heavenly Father, we pray that You heal the broken children and binds up their wounds. (Psalm 147:3) Let them always have peace and joy in their hearts, and take away all their sorrow, depression, low self-esteem, and depression.


Father God, we also pray for the Chinese left-behind children to receive good education. We pray for the government to have the wisdom from God to set up a good education system for them, so that they can not only receive basic education in rural schools, but they can also absorb knowledge, skills, and character, and more. Improve their motivation to learn, that they will not give up learning, and can work hard, have hope for the future, and become a pillar of society when they grow up.

天父,求祢保護和祝福中國留守兒童的健康和身體。 讓他們不成為不法分子侵害的對象,保護他們不會被拐賣和性侵犯。因為耶和華為要給孤兒和受欺壓的人伸冤,使強橫的人不再威嚇他們。(詩篇 10:18)求主祝福他們能夠在健康的環境下成長。

Father God, please protect and bless the health and bodies of the left-behind children in China. Let them not be the targets of criminals and protect them from being trafficked and sexually assaulted. For God You do justice to the fatherless and the oppressed, so that man who is of the earth may strike terror no more. (Psalm 10:18) May the Lord bless them to grow up in a healthy environment.


Father God, we pray that You will raise up people to love and serve the left-behind children. Pray for the government to set up a godly education policy and an effective household registration system; pray for the godly charity and NGOs for left-behind children, so that the children will not only have material supplies, but most importantly to know that the Lord Jesus is the Lord of their lives. And the Savior, let them live for the Lord Jesus, knowing that life is full of hope and vision! Because Jesus came to give them life and abundance. (John 10:10)

求天父興起許多愛他們的老師和長輩,讓他們在成長的路上能夠接受正確的引導,學習屬神的價值觀和建立正面的品格,到老都不偏離神的道。最後,求天父祝福基督的身體,我們常常帶着信心為中國千千萬萬的留守兒童禱告,因為非勢力,非才能,仍是靠神的靈方能成事!(撒迦利亞書 4:6)

We pray that You raise up many teachers and elders who love them, so that they can receive guidance as they grow up, learn Godly values and build positive characters, even when they re old they will not depart from the way of the Lord. At last, we pray blessing over the body of Christ, so many of us will pray with faith for the thousands of left-behind children in China. Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts! (Zechariah 4:6)

In the name of Yeshua we pray, amen.

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